5th Kazan OIC Youth
Entrepreneurship Forum
BootCamp in Kazan, RUSSIA
APril 20 – 26, 2019

Online Accelerator
March — April 2019

The Kazan OIC Youth Entrepreneurship Forum is a joint initiative of the OIC Youth Forum and the government of the Republic of Tatarstan. Since 2014, the Forum has been held annually, attracting hundreds of startups, investors and industry experts from the OIC states and the Russian Federation.
    Applications per year
    Startups invited
    to participate every year


    > $2
    Million in grants and investments
    Learn by Doing
    We want to help startups work on their projects and at the same time learn new information. Our aim is to help startups grow through informed decision making and data-driven strategies.
    Raise Money
    Important task is to help founders raise money. We partner with several funds interested in OIC markets. We make introductions and help startups prepare for and close investment deals.
    Challenge yourself
    "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you". Admission is competitive. Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, broaden your perspectives, engage with your peers and win prizes and awards
    Continuous Support
    We continue to offer a suite of services to keep our startups on track. Several services remain available for startups as alumni of the Kazan Entrepreneurship Forum.
    November - February

    You have an IT startup:
    e-commerce, edtech, apps
    Your are between 18-35 years
    You are the founder/cofounder
    You have a prototype (MVP)


    1st stage selection
    Selection based on team, product,
    market and traction.
    Top 100 startups to be invited for interviews.

    2nd stage selection
    Top 50 startups will be invited to the Forum.
    Online Accelerator
    March – April

    All selected startups are expected to complete the 8-week program.
    Weekly progress reports are expected and team 'concierge' will guide startups on formulating better hypotheses and streamlining efforts so they can achieve more with less.
    Boot Camp
    April 20-26

    The startups
    who have gone through the Online Accelerator are expected to participate in the week-long
    BootCamp and DemoDay in Kazan.
    Demo Day
    April 25

    We host a Demo Day at the very end of the BootCamp where all our startups present their products and services to a targeted and specially curated audience of investors, industry experts and journalists. At the DemoDay, we also announce startups who will receive guaranteed funding and cash price as special awards.
    Beyond BootCamp
    Startups can tap into the resources of the OIC platform to access funding, talk to VCs, recruit technical talent through our vast network, receive support for incorporating companies in any of the OIC countries and so much more. We consider the partnership with our startups to span beyond the 8-week program, supporting and cheering startups all the way as they build products to make the world a better place.
    Kazan is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Russia. The 1000-year old city embodies the richness of its Tatar and Russian heritage. The diversity is evident in the architecture and resilience of the city. Participants will have the chance to see the city, including the ancient Kazan Kremlin, a UNESCO world heritage centre.
    The bootcamp will be held at a multipurpose centre with resources for collaboration, work and meetings. Participants will enjoy the wonderful scenery of spring Kazan while working intensely with experts to scale their solutions.

    Speakers will discuss the various aspects of building and scaling a startup. The speakers are drawn from a broad range of the startup ecosystem including startup founders, venture capitalists, C-class executives from top tech firms in Russia and across the globe. Some of the topics to be covered include design thinking, building and scaling teams, customer development, project unit economics amongst others.
    Organizational issues
    One or two members of each team are invited to the Boot Camp.
    Flight: a handful of travel grants are available based on future potential and past accomplishments. Please indicate your need for a travel grant in your application.
    Food, accommodation, transfer from airport are covered by the organizers.
    Visa: After confirming your participation, the organizers will contact you, help with visa issues. Visa application fees are to be borne by the participant.


    "It was my first experience at any international forum. I came with an idea and left with a project roadmap. The workshops were very hands-on and using the training I received during the forum, we launched MadNumber. Our service is currently used by hundreds of people across Pakistan. I credit this to the feedback and training received in Kazan"
    Chaudhary Talha Waseem
    Pakistan, "Mad Number"
    "The professionalism of the forum organizers amazed me. Every startup had something to go away with. I was particularly happy to engage with investors and receive valuable feedback for my project. Some of the people I met in Kazan continue to be sources of support on our journey of growing our startup"
    Jasur Hasanov
    Malaysia, "Bebonobo"
    E-mail: oicyouthforum.tatar@gmail.com
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